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Osteopath treatment in Wigan at George Morris Physiotherapy

Osteopathic manipulation is a form of hands-on treatment that is often used by manual physiotherapists, osteopaths and chiropractors. It is an effective treatment that results in a safe re-alignment of the joints and is often accompanied with an audible crack.
Osteopaths use soft gentle Manipulation and massage and stretching to normalise Joint & muscle function in the entire body including the extremities to optimise total body Heath and vitality. Osteopathic treatment is usually 30-40 minutes of Holistic whole body relaxing and revitalising therapy.
Osteopathy were founded in 1874 by Dr Andrew Taylor Still a renowned Medical Doctor from the USA. Interestingly, the chiropractor profession was founded by a Mr DD Palmer a seller of herbal potions and remedies a non medical trained person in 1895 - 21 years after Osteopathy. Palmer toured the Osteopathic school in Kirksville and signed the visitors book and visited Dr Still's Osteopathic Clinics.
It seems he was inspired by the 700 Osteopath students studying Osteopathy at that time and in a few years later reinvented Osteopathy and he called it and re-named it Chiropractic opening a Chiropractor school in Davenport Iowa.
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