Sufferers from osteoarthritis should avoid high impact exercises, as they aggravate the affected joint.

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Sufferers from osteoarthritis should avoid high impact exercises, as they aggravate the affected joint.

Recommended activities include:
Swimming – including walking and exercising in the water
Low impact gym equipment – cross trainers etc
T’ai chi has also been shown to be helpful at reducing the pain from osteoarthritis

Leg Swings
Simply hold onto the edge of the pool, or the wall if you’re on land, and gently swing your leg out to the side, alternating sides.
The pool is particularly good for this, because the buoyancy assists you and you get a better range of motion, and you also have resistance from the water that makes your muscles do more work.
Leg Extensions
In the same position, extend your leg gently backward, alternating legs.
Care should be taken with this one, as over-extending the leg can lead to injury.
Knee rocks
Get down on one knee as if you’re proposing marriage (with a soft mat underneath to cushion your knees).
Rock gently forward, keeping your shoulders straight.
This stretches the front of the knee while protecting the lumbar spine.
Make sure your knee does not extend past your toes as this can strain the knee.
Straight leg raises
Sit in a chair, straighten one leg, and raise it straight out in front of you. Alternate legs.
Leg curls
Lie on the floor on your stomach, and gently bend your heel back toward your buttocks, making sure to keep your hips on the ground.


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