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How to get rid of headaches - four ways to stop painful migraines at home

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How to get rid of headaches - four ways to stop painful migraines at home

HOW to get rid of headaches: Migraine symptoms include an intense pain on one side of the head. But some diet, exercise and lifestyle changes could help to stop your painful headaches, and may even prevent them from coming back.

A migraine is a severe headache that can cause a throbbing pain on one side of there head, according to the NHS.

It’s a common condition that affects three times as many women as men.

There’s currently no cure for migraines, but some treatments are available to reduce their severity, including painkillers and acupuncture.

But, you could get rid of painful headaches at home by cutting out certain foods from your diet, doing some yoga poses, or even inhaling certain smells.

Diet swaps

The foods we eat could have a big impact on the onset of migraines, according to Healthspan’s Head of Nutrition, Rob Hobson.

Nitrates found in processed meats and monosodium glutamate - a flavour enhancer that’s commonly used in Chinese foods - can both be guilty of causing severe headaches, he said.

“Food can play a role in the onset of migraines for some people with the most common triggers being chocolate and caffeine, as well as red wine [all of these contain high amounts of the amino acid tyramine],” said Hobson.

“So you could start by removing these foods and drinks from your diet to see if helps.”

Dried herbs

Adding some herbs to your dinner could help to prevent migraines, according to the British Herbal Medical Association’s Director (https://bhma.org), Dr Dick Middleton.

Dried feverfew lead could lower the intensity of migraines, and reduce the amount of times they come back, he said.

“It is important to take the dried herb continuously for several months to see maximum benefit,” he said.

Feverfew has both anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving compounds, which help to relieve the painful symptoms of migraines, he added.


Regularly doing yoga stretches may help to prevent migraines from coming back, as well as relieving stress.

Patients should consider doing three sessions over a 12-week period of Hatha yoga to reduce symptoms.

Hatha is a less strenuous type of yoga, which includes both poses and breathing exercises.

The exercises could help patients to reduce the length and intensity of a migraine attack, scientists have claimed.

There is even some evidence that the yoga can improve patients’ tolerance to pain.


Breathing in certain smells may help to ease migraine pain, some researchers have revealed.

Inhaling lavender oil for 15 minutes during an attack could lead to faster recovery times, they claimed.

The oil can be inhaled by sprinkling a few drops on a tissue and breathing in the smell deeply. Alternatively, massage a few drops onto your temples.

Peppermint could also stop a migraine from developing, and it may even reduce signs of nausea, vomiting and light sensitivity.

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