George Morris physio Wigan Exercise habits that may actually be hurting you.

George Morris physio Wigan

Exercise habits that may actually be hurting you.

*You're jumping into those HIIT workouts too quickly.
If you're all about trendy high-intensity interval training workouts, Mitchell Starkman, a sports and orthopedic therapist at The Movement Centre in Toronto, Canada, explained that though they're a phenomenal choice, especially for those looking for a quick workout with high impact, you should be cautious:
"Where injuries often occur is when those who are new to this type of training jump in full swing, like they've been doing it for years. They get a great sweat going, and their breathing rate is up (which is great!), but for many, their tendons and muscles are not ready to be loaded this way. This is a recipe for tendinitis," especially when your joints and tendons are not used to such activity. Starkman recommends that you "gradually progress yourself into this type of training if you're looking to get started" to prevent potentially serious injury.

*But even low-impact workouts, like yoga and Pilates, aren't always injury-free.
If HIIT workouts or fast-paced cardio classes aren't your style, you still have to listen to your body, even in gentle, low-impact methods like yoga and Pilates. In fact, like any workout, you need to be mindful of pushing past your personal limits on that day, something many people ignore because of the "low-impact" reputation many mat-based or stretching workouts have.
According to James Shapiro, a New York City-based trainer and developer of the Primal Power method, Pilates and yoga can wreck your body if not done properly.
"All exercise has an inherent risk of injury, even low-impact workouts," Shapiro said. "With yoga particularly, you can be overstretching certain muscle groups or creating tension by being in positions where your mobility is lacking."
For Pilates (if using a reformer), the tension between the straps and your limb movement can cause hip or low back strain - ironically the areas you are working to strengthen. Most cases of injury for low-intensity exercise are based upon the participant trying to perform something they should not or using an intensity too high."

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