George Morris Physio Wigan Exercise habits that are actually hurting you

George Morris Physio Wigan Exercise habits that are actually hurting you

George Morris Physio Wigan
Exercise habits that are actually hurting you

You're only doing one type of workout.
Maybe you're addicted to that spin bike or prefer to crush it in the weight room, thinking that as long as you're not sitting on the couch all day, it's better than nothing. And although that is true, you've got to switch up your workouts often, if only to prevent injury.
According to Tyler Spraul, a certified strength and conditioning specialist and the head trainer at, there are a few issues with sticking to the same exact fitness routine.
"This can hurt you in a few ways," he told us. "You're only going to get better in that one area-whatever it is that you're focusing on. If you want to be more well-rounded, you need to try different exercises and workout styles! Even professional athletes need to have strong foundations in more general parts of fitness like conditioning, mobility, moving through different planes, etc. instead of only training the specific moves they use at work."
Plus, the effects on the muscles you're working- and not working - are potentially detrimental.
"If you're only doing one thing, chances are that you will build up a lot of imbalances between different muscle groups, and maybe even from one side of your body to the other. While muscle imbalances are common and not usually problematic, if you only do one thing year after year, you're going to run into trouble," he told us. "You also need to be on the lookout for signs of overuse. Repeating the same motions over and over can cause problems, particularly if your form isn't spot on"
He also noted that if you're feeling pain or soreness in your joints and ligaments instead of your muscles, that something's not right.

You're loyal to your cardio machine of choice.

Since we already told you how important it is to switch up your workouts, you will definitely want to add variety to keep your muscles safe and healthy. But sorry, switching from running to spinning or going from the treadmill to the ellipticaldoesn'tcount.

Yes, it's crucial that your workouts get your heart rate up, but cardio-based workouts do little for many of the biggest (and smallest!) muscles on your body, like your core.

"If you only focus on cardio, you probably have strong legs, but you may end up with a weak core and upper body since you aren't doing anything to strengthen those muscles. You can also end up reinforcing muscle imbalances," Dr. Jasmine Marcus, a New York-based physical therapist, told INSIDER. "For example, you may be overusing your quadriceps and neglecting to use your glutes. Over time, your glutes may get weaker and weaker, and unless you specifically work on strengthening them, your muscle imbalance will only get larger."

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