George Morris Physio Wigan- Exercise habits that may actually be hurting you.

George Morris Physio Wigan

Exercise habits that may actually be hurting you.

You're adding too much weight too quickly.

Conversely, if you're all about strength training, it's critical that you'resupercareful about how you're doing those reps.

"Your connective tissues might not be able to handle the stress of heavier weights if you try to progress too fast. In order to avoid this, I recommend keeping the weight where you can control it 100% on the way down for the majority of your workouts," Spraul said.

Working with a trainer- especially at first - is perfect for learning about the proper way to lift weights, so you build stronger muscleswithoutrisking injury.

Those Spin classes are unknowingly doing damage to your hip and knee joints.

Plenty of trendy cardio workouts have droves of loyalists, and with good reason: Who doesn't want to have a dance party on a bike? But even if you prefer other group fitness classes, like cardio dance or yoga, or even if your go-to workout is simply running on a treadmill or outside, you have to know how to protect your sensitive joints from injury - and it's not as easy as you'd think.

"If your workout is hurting a joint in your body, you are potentially damaging the joint. Pain is often a warning sign from you body to stop doing something harmful, and ignoring that warning sign can lead to injury," Dr. Marcus said.

She cites spin classes as causing the potential for hamstring tendonitis, an overuse injury in the soft tissues that connect the muscles of the back of your thigh to the pelvis, knees, and lower legs.

So even though you might be addicted to getting your sweat on, Dr. Marcus says to listen to your body, acknowledging any amount of pain or tenderness … even if it feels mild.

"Your best bet is to have a certified trainer or physical therapist watch you doing the painful exercise to see you how you can perform the exercise in a pain free way and correct the potential injury before it becomes serious," she advised.

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