Back pain - eat more of this ‘popular’ spice to prevent lower backache

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Back pain - eat more of this ‘popular’ spice to prevent lower backache

BACK pain could be prevented by watching your diet, or by changing your sleep position. You could also lower your risk of lower back pain symptoms by adding more of this cheap spice to your dinner.

Back pain could be relieved by eating more ginger, it’s been claimed.

The herb has strong anti-inflammatory properties that could help to get rid of lower backache, revealed US-based The Spine Institute.

Ginger oil, ginger juice, or ginger supplements could all be used to prevent back pain, it said.

“Considered safe in moderation for people living with persistent back pain, ginger has a long history of health benefits,” said the institute.

“This popular herb, noted for its strong anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, can be chewed raw, ground into various foods and beverages, sprinkled on favourite recipes, or consumed in supplement form.”

The herb could also help to relieve back pain caused by arthritis, a 2000 study claimed.

Almost 250 osteoarthritis patients had reduced back pain after taking ginger supplements, scientists revealed.

Between 2g and 4g of ginger everyday could be enough to get rid of backache, added the University of Maryland Medical Center.

“Consume ginger juice, tea or extract several times daily with food,” said medical website LiveStrong.

“Rub ginger oil on your skin directly over the source of pain in your back. This can help relieve arthritis pain.

“Place fresh ginger root into a warm compress and press it to the painful area of the back for several minutes at time.”

But, it’s important that back pain patients speak to a doctor before taking ginger supplements, added the medical website.

Ginger supplements could interfere with some blood-thinning medication, it said.

For short-term relief from backache, patients could try using painkillers, it said.

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