Back pain - 50p fruit snack could prevent backache from coming back

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Back pain - 50p fruit snack could prevent backache from coming back

BACK pain could be prevented by watching your diet, or by making a change to your sleep position. You could slash your risk of lower back pain symptoms by eating more of this fruit snack.

It could be caused by sleeping in an awkward position, having bad posture, or even by a small injury.

Making some small diet changes could help to get rid of back pain, or even prevent it from coming back.

Eating more cherries could help to reduce signs of lower backache, claimed medical research company Synergy Research Centers.

The fruit reduces inflammation in the body - a key cause of back pain.

Patients suffering from back pain could benefit from snacking on cherries, or even by drinking it as a juice, it said.

The fruit works by relieving muscle pain, while also increasing the amount of antioxidants in the body, it added.

“If you suffer from lower back pain, you know how frustrating and disruptive it can be to your life,” said Synergy Research Centers.

“It interferes with your ability to work and prevents you from getting a good night’s sleep.

“Over time, chronic pain can wear away at your mental state, leaving you feeling hopeless and desperate.

“Studies have shown that people who incorporate cherries or cherry juice into their diets experience a significant decrease in muscle pain, with effects comparable to those produced from pain medication such as ibuprofen.

“The secret is in anthocyanins – antioxidants that reduce inflammatory chemicals in your body, thereby diminishing pain.”

Broccoli is another great diet choice to relieve signs of lower back pain, added the research centre.

The vegetable is rich in calcium, which the body needs to prevent chronic muscle cramps and pain.

Other calcium sources include dairy foods, kale, and collard greens.

Lower back pain is the most common type of back pain in the UK, said the NHS.

It’s not easy to identify the cause of back pain, and it often occurs for no apparent reason.

Regularly exercising could help to prevent back pain from coming back.

Speak to a GP or physiotherapist for advice on the best types of exercise for back pain.

All adults should aim for about 150 minutes of moderate-intensity activity every week.

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