5 Tips for Reducing Leg Cramps

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5 Tips for Reducing Leg Cramps

Stay hydrated

It’s very important to drink a minimum of 8 glasses of water per day. Your body hydrates itself with this amount. This lets your cells and organs work like they should. The same thing happens with your muscles, tendons, and blood.

To avoid dehydration, you can choose to drink other liquids, too. For instance, you can drink herbal teas and natural juices.


It doesn’t matter if you play a sport or not. You should always stretch your muscles well. You should do this at least once per day. This way, you can prevent night cramps and general muscle pains.

It’s recommended to stretch before sleeping. You should always keep in mind the physical possibilities of each stretch.


Even if you just do a short walk in the park or walk your dog, this can be enough to prevent cramps. Riding your bike, jogging, or practicing yoga can be very useful activities.

This way, your muscles will be stronger and moving. Don’t forget to stretch after finishing your exercise. In addition, make sure you increase the difficulty of the activity as long as you can.

Eat a balanced diet

Nutrition is the foundation of your health. As a result, if you eat well, you’ll be less likely to suffer from muscle spasms.

Choose foods that are rich in potassium (bananas, for instance) and magnesium (seeds are a great source of this nutrient). These will help you prevent this pain at night.

You should also eat healthy foods: fruits, vegetables, and nuts. Also, stop eating refined flours, sugars, and fried foods.

Use good footwear

Many times, cramps appear because you’re walking incorrectly. For instance, women that spend too many hours on heels or those that don’t have good footwear for exercise are usually more affected by muscle spasms.

Try to choose shoes that allow you to support the bottom of your foot. Your calves shouldn’t make a huge effort to raise your feet.

Don’t wear any platforms, heavy shoes, or shoes with small soles. It’s better if they’re closed. However, at the very least, they shouldn’t move when you walk.

Pay attention to your socks. If they are too tight, they block blood flow. This can tighten your muscles too much and makes them more vulnerable to cramps.

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